Load Arrestor Re-Certification

Many users of load arrestors often buy this type of safety device for an immediate need then often forget to re-certify them each year. In accordance with Globestock, the manufacturer, they recommend that units be re-certified each year to insure they are in proper working condition. As a courtesy to our customer, we send out annual notifications reminding you that your load arrestors are due for annual inspection. If units are not repairable or if you wish to purchase a new one, we are proud to stock a vast inventory of Load Arrestors that we can ship within 24-48 hours.

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Why Choose Load Halt Load Arrestors?

It is simple, the best proven load arrestors on the market are Load Halts! With our proven safety track record and extensive stock, you can rely on our load arrestors day in and day out. One of our most popular load arrestors is the G-Guard 5307G. This 5307G has a safe working load of 1,100 pounds and retractable cables as long as 61 feet. We also have a selection of load arrestors that can accommodate much larger loads such as the G-Guard 10107G with 2,200 pound capacity and the G-Guard 1507G with 3,300 capacity. All of these load arrestors are stocked in our Tampa, FL facility and ready for immediate ship. Looking for load arrestors in a special application? No problem, we also offer stainless steel cables and specialty length cables to meet your needs. Call us today to see how we can help.

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Retractable Fall Arrester

Looking For The Best Retractable Fall Arrester On The Market?

Look No Further With The Globestock 1507G "G-Guard Series"!

This 1500 series G-Guard unit is our largest retractable fall arrester that will arrest up to 3,300 pounds. Units are available with a standard retractable galvanized steel cable of 23 to 33 feet. We can customize your retractable fall arrester, if needed, with special order stainless steel cable or unique lengths to fit your application. Safety should be of the utmost importance and you can rely on a top of the line retractable fall arrester from Globestock. We are proud to be the sole USA distributor and servicing center for the Globestock product line. Having served the industry for over 30 plus years, you can count on our dedicated customer service and quality retractable fall arrester product line time and time again. Check out the technical specifications and model information for this Retractable Fall Arrester.

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A Retractable Lifeline You Can Trust!

Why A Retractable Lifeline From Load Halt?

We have been serving the industry for over 30 years with a quality retractable lifeline called the 507G. This 507 G-Stop Series has been a #1 go to unit for many applications. One of the main features of this retractable lifeline is the self-contained retractable steel cable, slightly tensioned on a spring loaded rope drum, ensuring a slack free lifeline which allows freedom of movement. There are many other features that highlight this 507G see all features and we have plentiful stock ready for immediate shipment. Do you have a different weight capacity or application to discuss? No problem, our engineers have over 60 years of combined experience and ready to help with your technical questions. Give us a call today with your next retractable lifeline application. We look forward to working with you!

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What terminology do you use, load arrestor or load arrester?

We all seem to have different ways of saying and spelling key phrases like load arrestor versus load arrester, or fall arrestor versus fall arrester. In many cases, we notice those searching from overseas have different lingo than what we are used to in the United States. Sometimes engineers use a variation of terms that are different than a purchasing agent. None the less, here at Load Halt Industries, we look forward to helping you with all your fall limiter needs and offer an array of quality fall safety equipment to choose from. Do you recognize any of these key phrases in your day to day workplace safety topics?

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Annual Re-Certification of Load Arrestors

A key workplace safety topic is the use of a Load Arrestor and its great value to a company. A retractable fall arrester that is attached on a load and is suspended in the air above product or personnel, equals assurance of safety and accident prevention. With a properly mounted unit, the spring tensioned cable moves with the load it is attached to. In case of a fall, a properly functioning unit will lock up when the “speed to activate braking” is exceeded, (like when you put your seat belt on in the car, if you pull it too fast it locks up). If the brake has been permanently locked up or the unit is locking up more readily than normal, it may be damaged or need to be serviced / re-certified. A damaged cable can cause the braking system to lock as well.

Re-certifying a load arrestor is an easy and economical solution to a problem where the working environment is all about safety, time and money. It is vital that load arrest products perform consistently and to a high standard every time. To ensure this, the manufacturer Globestock recommends that their products are inspected by an authorized dealer and on a yearly basis (as per the guidelines detailed in the manuals issued with each piece of equipment). If the equipment is subjected to a harsh environment, it may require inspection on a more frequent schedule.

Load Halt is the sole authorized Globestock dealer and service agent for the entire United States. Most of our Clients send in their units for re-certification annually. Sending in the load arrestor regularly is preplanned and the best way to prevent down time. During an annual service the equipment will be fully inspected, tested and re-certified before being returned to you.

Call (813) 888-8226 or email sales@loadhalt.com to get a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) form for sending in the unit. Our customer service department will guide you through the return process and help get your re-certified units back to you quickly.

Posted on 03/19/2015 by Load Halt