Distributing Globestock Quality Load Arrestors That You Can Trust!

Here at Load Halt, we have been serving the industry for over 30 years and we are proud to be the sole USA distributor of Globestock load arrestors. Globestock is ISO 9001 certified and CE approved. Globestock has given us great opportunity to offer such a vast selection of Load Arrestors to fit almost any application. Safety is of the utmost importance and Globestock recommends that all load arrestors be re-certified each year. As the sole USA distributor and servicing center for Globestock, we are committed to you and the brand you can trust. Have an emergency....not a problem, our customer service department is ready and willing to help. We promise to give you the best support when it comes to using Globestock load arrestors. We have many units in stock and bulk quantities ready to ship within 24 hours. Call us today with your next load arrestor application.

Posted on 11/13/2015 by Load Halt

Concerned About Safety? Use A Load Halt Load Arrestor!

There are many applications in which a load arrestor can be implemented quickly and used to prevent workplace injury and protect vulnerable equipment. From construction sites to automotive plants and manufacturing facilities abroad, a load arrestor as proven to be of great value. They are designed to automatically stop the fall of heavy, sensitive or expensive equipment. A load arrestor offers extra safe guard to equipment and workers below if the primary lifting hoist or suspension support fails. We offer a full line of Load Arrestors to meet your applications criteria, many of which we have in stock and can ship within 1-2 days. Remember to always have your load arrestor re-certified once a year to insure proper working condition and be proactive in preventing workplace injuries. Call us to with your load arrestor needs and see how we can make a difference!

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Our Load Arrestors Meet OSHA Fall Protection Systems Criteria per CFR 29 1926.502.

Load Arrestors You Can Trust From Load Halt!

Some employers may cut corners and skimp in areas that they should be taking the utmost concern for and that is the safety of their workers. At Load Halt, we take satisfaction knowing that we are distributing quality OSHA compliant load arrestors to each of our customers. Our load arrestors meet OSHA's Fall Protection Systems Criteria per CFR 29 1926.502 SEE OSHA 1926.502. With our vast inventory of load arrestors in stock, we know that we can provide you with the best possible customer service and quick turn around, usually within 24 hours. Since we are the sole U.S. distributor and service repair center for Globestock load arrestors, you can count on us when it comes to safety. See our full line of load arrestors Load Halt Products and call us today with your application!

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Safety is key

Safety is Key

Make your workplace as safe as possible, share our new infographic.

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