G-Guard 10107G Fall Arrestor

2,200 Pound Safe Working Load

  • G-Guard 10107G Fall Arrestor
  • G-Guard 10107G Fall Arrestor

The Load Halt G-GUARD 10107G fall arrestor can prevent the fall of heavy and sensitive equipment by automatically stopping the fall. Offers protection to equipment and workers below, in the event that the primary lift hoist or suspension support fails.

The G-GUARD 1000 series will arrest up to 2,200 pounds. Units are available with 23 to 33 feet of retractable steel cable.

This unit is marked CE indicating that it is CE certified. Safeguard your employees and valuable equipment against a tragic accident with a fall arrestor from Load Halt.

G-Guard 10107G Operation

  • The G-Guard cable should run directly to the load and should not pass over any other cable.
  • The G-Guard cable should not become slack. The anchor point must be above the G-Guard. The anchor point should be of such construction that it can withstand a shock load of 5000 KG (11,024 pounds).
  • Allow 0.6 to 1.0 meters (2-3 feet) distance below the load for the G-Guard to arrest the load.

G-Guard 10107G Fall Arrestor Installation

  • The G-Guard should be placed as near as possible to the main supporting agent so as to reduce swing in the event of a failure of the main supporting agent.
  • The G-Guard cable should run parallel to the rope of the main supporting agent.

G-Guard 10107G Fall Arrestor

If a load is centrally supported then multiple G-Guards of a maximum working load may be used.

G-Guard 10107G Fall Arrestor

G-Guard 10107G Fall Arrestor Specifications

G-Guard 10107G Fall Arrestor

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