• Load Halt G-STOP 507G Fall Safety Equipment

Load Halt G-STOP 507G
Fall Safety Equipment

The Load Halt G-STOP is a lightweight, fully self-contained retractable lifeline. It offers you full protection and complete mobility when working in areas where there is a danger of falling.

In case of a fall, you will decelerate and stop within approximately 2.0-ft (0.6 m). Models containing from 23 feet to 112 feet of 3/16" (5mm) diameter retractable steel cable are available.

Build confidence with the #1 name in fall safety equipment - Load Halt.

  • G Saver II with Retrieval  Fall Safety Equipment

G Saver II with Retrieval
Fall Safety Equipment

The Load Halt G-Saver II uses all the features found in the G-Stop and adds an internal gear mechanism with ratchet handle to allow a rescuer to raise a fallen or unconscious user to safety.

With a gear ratio of 1:7 no other back-up device is needed. For stability the G-Saver II is designed to be tripod mounted.

Be prepared for immediate rescue with Load Halt.

G-Saver II Operation

  • Ensure that the G-Saver II is secured to a suitable anchorage point to enable the retrieval system to be engaged when required. The Load Halt Tripod or Davit Arm has been designed for this purpose.
  • Follow installation procedure provided on units.
  • User is connected to the G-Saver II by a swivel hook fitted to a safety harness.
  • To engage retrieval system pull down on trigger located near the cable outlet on the unit. Engage the gearing mechanism by pushing in the winch handle. Rotate the winch handle slightly to confirm the engagement in the gears. Release the trigger mechanism. As a safety precaution try to pull the winch handle back out of the unit to ensure the trigger has locked into position.
  • The unit is now ready for use.

  • G-Tract  Fall Safety Equipment

Fall Safety Equipment

Retractable Lanyards protect workers at risk on basket lift hoist platforms, stacking lift trucks, etc.

A 8.25' length of 2" nylon webbing is encased in steel on a spring-loaded drum. One end of the webbing is attached to a fixed anchor point while the other end is attached to the worker's belt.

Because the webbing moves with the worker - pulling out when they move forward and retracting when they come back - there's nothing to trip over. If they fall the belt locks (the same way an automobile seat belt does) and the nylon webbing helps cushion them.

The lock is released by relieving tension on the webbing so that normal work can resume immediately.

Safety never rests with Load Halt fall safety equipment.