G Saver II Fall Arrest Safety Equipment

  • G Saver II Fall Arrest Safety Equipment

he Load Halt G-Saver II uses all the features found in the G-Stop and adds an internal gear mechanism with ratchet handle to allow a rescuer to raise a fallen or unconscious user to safety.

With a gear ratio of 1:7 no other back-up device is needed. For stability the G-Saver II is designed to be tripod mounted.

Be prepared for immediate rescue with Load Halt fall arrest safety equipment.

G-Saver II Operation

  • Ensure that the G-Saver II is secured to a suitable anchorage point to enable the retrieval system to be engaged when required. The Load Halt Tripod or Davit Arm has been designed for this purpose.
  • Follow installation procedure provided on units.
  • User is connected to the G-Saver II by a swivel hook fitted to a safety harness.
  • To engage retrieval system pull down on trigger located near the cable outlet on the unit. Engage the gearing mechanism by pushing in the winch handle. Rotate the winch handle slightly to confirm the engagement in the gears. Release the trigger mechanism. As a safety precaution try to pull the winch handle back out of the unit to ensure the trigger has locked into position.
  • The unit is now ready for use.


Same as the G-Stop with the addition of an internal gear mechanism with ratchet drive that enables a rescuer topside to activate this mechanism and raise an injured or unconscious user to safety with using any other backup device or tools. Gear ratio of 1 to 5 and recovery speed of approximately 30 FPM.


Provides complete fall protection and rescue capabilities for users in confined spaces such as ladder manholes, tanks and vessels entered via an opening at the top of the structure.

G-Saver II Fall Safety Equipment Specifications

G Saver II Fall Arrest Safety Equipment

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