Load Halt G-STOP Retractable Lifeline

  • Load Halt G-STOP Retractable Lifeline

The Load Halt G-STOP is a lightweight, fully self-contained retractable lifeline. It offers you full protection and complete mobility when working in areas where there is a danger of falling.

In case of a fall, you will decelerate and stop within approximately 2.0-ft (0.6 m). Models containing from 23 feet to 112 feet of 3/16" (5mm) diameter retractable steel cable are available.

Build confidence with the #1 name in fall protection - Load Halt.


  • Friction disc pad braking system
  • Self-contained retractable steel cable, slightly tensioned on a spring loaded rope drum, ensuring a slack free lifeline which allows freedom of movement.
  • The casing is cast of high strength aluminum for light weight. It is prominently chromated and plastic coated to maintain a clean and distinctive appearance.
  • Internal parts made of aluminum, bronze, and stainless steel to resist rust in harsh weather environments.


Used wherever someone is exposed to the risk of free falling from workstations in mines, mills, smelters, and construction trades. Valuable when performing steelwork, rigging, derrick climbing, demolition work, etc. Used for work on towers, building faces, sides of ocean vessels, construction sites, automotive plants and other manufacturing facilities.

G-Stop Retractable Lifeline Installation

Select a suitable fixed overhead anchorage point with connection anchor (hook, lanyard etc.) capable of withstanding a minimum static load of 22KN (5000 lbs.).

  • Ensure freedom of movement beneath the anchorage.
  • Ensure that the safe working area is within 30 degrees of the vertical line.
  • Ensure that there is 2 meters (6'6") clearance for free fall beneath the working position and there is a safe distance from electrical power lines, hazards, and obstructions.

After connecting the retractable lifeline to a safe anchorage point, attach the swivel safety snap hook at the end of the lifeline cable to your harness D-ring.

G-Stop Warnings

  • Never use as a restraint or positioning device.
  • Never work above the fall arrester anchorage point.
  • Never permit more than one user to be connected to a single fall arrester at one time.
  • Avoid the possibility of the lifeline cable passing over sharp edges which could sheer the cable during a fall.
  • Guard against the danger of the pendulum effect (side swing) fall by limiting your horizontal travel to 30 degrees from the vertical line of the overhead anchorage position.
  • Follow the contents of this manual and the fall arrester labels for proper use to avoid an accident from occurring with possible fatal injuries from not reading and understanding their application and correct installation.
  • Avoid letting the lifeline cable become slack, entwined beneath your arms or legs, or to cross over the cable of another user nearby.
  • Use only where it is positive that the lifeline cable will be free of obstructions to activate the brake mechanism at a speed of 4.9 feet per second should a fall occur from the structure.
  • Avoid leaving the fall arrester installed for long periods in the environments where corrosion, dust particles, paint, oil etc. will adversely affect its performance until serviced.
  • Service may only be performed by trained Load Halt service technicians. Failure to do so will void all warranties.
  • Never leave the lifeline cable extended and tied-off for long periods of time to ensure longer life of each component and the spring tension on the cable.
  • Never let the lifeline cable retract uncontrollably. It could cause the cable to overlay on the rope drum and require factory service.
  • Avoid lacerating your hands from the lifeline cable by always wearing gloves when retracting the cable during inspection checks.
  • Return unit to Load Halt for servicing annually and when the indicator warns you that there has been a fall.

G-Stop Retractable Lifeline Specifications

Load Halt G-STOP Retractable Lifeline

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