G-Tract Retractable Lanyard

A Fall Limiter You Can Trust!

  • G-Tract Retractable Lanyard

This retractable lanyard protects workers at risk on basket lifts, hoist platforms, stacking lift trucks, etc.

A 8.25' length of 2" nylon webbing is encased in steel on a spring-loaded drum. One end of the webbing is attached to a fixed anchor point while the other end is attached to the worker's belt.

Because the webbing moves with the worker - pulling out when they move forward and retracting when they come back - there's nothing to trip over. If they fall the belt locks (the same way an automobile seat belt does) and the nylon webbing helps cushion them.

The fall limiter lock is released by relieving tension on the webbing so that normal work can resume immediately.

Safety never rests with a Load Halt fall limiter.

G-Tract Rectractable Lanyard Specifications

G-Tract Retractable Lanyard

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G-Tract Retractable Lanyard