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G-Stop Load Arrestors

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Why Do You Need a Load Arrestor?

Load Halt Fall Arrest Equipment & Load Arrestors work on the principle of inertia. Inertia is the same method used in retracting car seat belt systems to sense rapid movement and lock on to arrest the movement.

Load Halt G-Guard Load Arrestors are used as a back-up device to lifting devices, hoists or in any other situation where a suspended load, tool, fixture or other heavy object could potentially fall and injure workers or damage valuable equipment or machinery.

The load arrestor's spring tensioned cable is connected to the load. The device senses a fall when the connected object's downward movement speed exceeds the lock-on inertia rate and the Load Halt arrests the fall. Models are available for load capacities of up to 3,300 pounds.

Typical applications for load arrestors include manufacturing environments involving overhead suspended tools, jigs, fixtures, rail mounted fastening systems, hoists, winches, load and tool balancers, overhead moveable lighting, theater hoists and other suspended objects that could fall if the primary suspension fails.

Load Halt Fall Arrest Equipment are used as personnel safety devices for working at heights wherever someone is exposed to the risk of free falling from workstations in mines, mills, smelters, and construction trades such as performing roofing, steelwork, rigging, derrick or tower climbing, demolition work, electrical equipment installation, roof mounted solar installations and similar jobs done where a fall might occur.

Load Halt is also used for work on building faces such as window washing, painting or inspection along the sides of ocean vessels, billboard work, aircraft maintenance or inspection and other jobs performed at hazardous heights.

Our Load Halt G-Saver II includes an internal gear mechanism with ratchet handle to allow a rescuer to raise a fallen or unconscious user to safety, such as workers in enclosed tanks or vessels, storm sewers or unconscious as the result of a fall.

Load Halt fall arrest equipment will decelerate and stop a fall within approximately 2.0-ft (0.6 m). Models containing from 23 feet to 112 feet of 3/16" (5mm) diameter retractable steel cable are available. Load Halt meets the requirements of OSHA's Fall Protection Systems Criteria per CFR 29 1926.502.

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