About Globestock, LoadHalt’s Manufacturer

Globestock, the manufacturer of our Load Halt product published a new video! Globestock is a British manufacturer, and has been setting the benchmark for quality fall protection equipment for more than 35+ years.

What makes Globestock different? A number of things:

  • UK Sourced Materials
  • Meticulous Inspections
  • Dedicated CNC Machining
  • In-House Design
  • Quality Control at Every Stage
  • Engineering Expertise
  • Precision & Attention to Detail
  • Rope Kits Made In-House
  • Skillfully Assembled By Hand
  • Tested Beyond Compliance
  • Dedicated Customer Service

With the end result of:

  • Delivering Quality
  • Products You Can Trust
  • Ensuring Safety

To learn more, visit their website at https://www.loadhalt.com/

Globestock - Your Safety In Our Hands from Globestock on Vimeo.

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