Load Halt Offers A New G-Guard Load Arrester, With 2200 Lbs. Capacity!

Load Halt, Inc. is a separate subsidiary within the Greenco/Tri-Motion family of companies. In the past, the load capacity of GGuard units jumped from 1100 lbs. to 3300 lbs. This meant that applications in the range of 2200 lbs. would have to use the larger 3300 lbs. capacity units. What really excites me about this new product option is now there is an intermediate solution for those applications, the new G-Guard with 2200 lbs. capacity!

This new series of G-Guard is called the 1000 series, because 1000 kg equals 2200 lbs. They are available with 23′, 29′, or 33 feet of travel. Galvanized steel cable and stainless steel cable are both available. For stainless steel cable, the load capacity is slightly lower at 1763 lbs. Check out our website for further specs and detail on this new series!

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