Annual Re-Certification of Load Arrestors

A key workplace safety topic is the use of a Load Arrestor and its great value to a company. A retractable fall arrester that is attached on a load and is suspended in the air above product or personnel, equals assurance of safety and accident prevention. With a properly mounted unit, the spring tensioned cable moves with the load it is attached to. In case of a fall, a properly functioning unit will lock up when the “speed to activate braking” is exceeded, (like when you put your seat belt on in the car, if you pull it too fast it locks up). If the brake has been permanently locked up or the unit is locking up more readily than normal, it may be damaged or need to be serviced / re-certified. A damaged cable can cause the braking system to lock as well.

Re-certifying a load arrestor is an easy and economical solution to a problem where the working environment is all about safety, time and money. It is vital that load arrest products perform consistently and to a high standard every time. To ensure this, the manufacturer Globestock recommends that their products are inspected by an authorized dealer and on a yearly basis (as per the guidelines detailed in the manuals issued with each piece of equipment). If the equipment is subjected to a harsh environment, it may require inspection on a more frequent schedule.

Load Halt is the sole authorized Globestock dealer and service agent for the entire United States. Most of our Clients send in their units for re-certification annually. Sending in the load arrestor regularly is preplanned and the best way to prevent down time. During an annual service the equipment will be fully inspected, tested and re-certified before being returned to you.

Call (813) 888-8226 or email to get a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) form for sending in the unit. Our customer service department will guide you through the return process and help get your re-certified units back to you quickly.

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