Why Choose Load Halt Load Arrestors?

It is simple, the best proven load arrestors on the market are Load Halts! With our proven safety track record and extensive stock, you can rely on our load arrestors day in and day out. One of our most popular load arrestors is the G-Guard 5307G. This 5307G has a safe working load of 1,100 pounds and retractable cables as long as 61 feet. We also have a selection of load arrestors that can accommodate much larger loads such as the G-Guard 10107G with 2,200 pound capacity and the G-Guard 1507G with 3,300 capacity. All of these load arrestors are stocked in our Tampa, FL facility and ready for immediate ship. Looking for load arrestors in a special application? No problem, we also offer stainless steel cables and specialty length cables to meet your needs. Call us today to see how we can help.

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