What terminology do you use, load arrestor or load arrester?

We all seem to have different ways of saying and spelling key phrases like load arrestor versus load arrester, or fall arrestor versus fall arrester. In many cases, we notice those searching from overseas have different lingo than what we are used to in the United States. Sometimes engineers use a variation of terms that are different than a purchasing agent. None the less, here at Load Halt Industries, we look forward to helping you with all your fall limiter needs and offer an array of quality fall safety equipment to choose from. Do you recognize any of these key phrases in your day to day workplace safety topics?

fall arrest equipment load arrest devices
fall arrest safety equipment fall safety equipment
fall arrester fall arrestor
fall arrestors load arrestors
fall limiter Globestock
load arrestor load arrester
retractable fall arrester retractable fall arresters
retractable lanyard retractable lanyards
retractable lifeline retractable lifelines
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